Someone has to take the first step.

That someone is often not the one who is acknowledged for their courage. It is usually the person who joined them at the 3rd or 4th step. I know. I have lived this more than once. You may know too…

To stay silent. To not do what your heart, mind and spirit is screaming at you to do…this is death. Death is not that thing that happens when you stop breathing.

I watch around me this week one young entrepreneur taking that first step. Against all odds. I see that. I see his actions. Others too are noticing, recognising and acknowledging. We will be there for him….shepherds and stewards both..

I watch as another person, a first stepper, a person who has put life and soul on the line in literal and metaphoric ways for 25 years, be discounted by people who cannot see his work for its truth.

To discount…how many times a day do we do that will fellow human beings. Dis- count?  Not count?

How many times have you felt discounted as a human being by others? How many times have your discounted others?

To honour another human is simply one of the most gracious gifts you can bestow. To honour a first stepper….that person who stood up when all were sitting down, who spoke into deafening silence…this…this heals.


Photo credits: Dru! via Compfight



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