Those who risk

I am sitting in a question that you might like to consider.

If I were to speak up about something that felt risky and right, what would that be?

I might start with the question, where is my heartache? 

Then, where is the intersection of injustice and enough of an understanding to allow me to speak? This is important because the world does not need more armchair experts. There are many topics that I feel strongly about that I simply do not know enough to make a comment that will add to the conversation. 

Where is the risk? And what does it consist of? Will I be subject to trolls? Hate? Ridicule? Do I have the capacity and willingness to stand in the heat? 

Might I be ejected from some places? Lose status? 

Might I also define my voice with greater clarity, becoming a transmission?

There are some things that we must raise our voices over. The risk becomes secondary to our ethics. 

There are other places where silence speaks more strongly because of the fear of speaking.

It is this fear that must be addressed. 

Change around justice comes from those who risk.

Photo Taken December 4th 2023