Imagine that we can have three wishes granted, on the one condition that they cannot benefit you directly. They have to be wished on behalf of someone else.

What would you wish for?

I sat with this question for quite some time. The answer could have been lazy. I wish for my daughter to have a fabulous and successful career land on her lap. This would benefit me indirectly. Of course I want this for her. But would I spend one of the three wishes on this? What about her journey, the one about uncovering her own truth, growing in wisdom, learning from her mistakes? Would I take this journey away from her?  I am not sure.

This then surfaced my beliefs that each of us are here for a unique purpose, and that within that we have our own gestation rate. Our own journey, which in its way is exquisite, even when it feels like shit.

How about wishing for the war’s to stop globally? Would this be permanent? What is the impulse that causes people to fight and kill each other? Would this impulse go away? Or how about wishing for the impulse to be created in all people to move only from love? Would this do it? Where would the passion be…passion that is inspired by anger? Or would we all be flatlining in bliss, with no shades of light and dark? Again, where would the journey be? Would this mean we would all be flapping around in the garden of bliss, like hippies high on air?

Hmmm..this question is harder than I thought. Every place I turned I found that life just as it is, its horror and its beauty, had some perfection to it, a natural process of emergence. And that in choosing our wishes we need to be mindful of the field effect of our wishes.

Maybe I would wish for all mothers to find peace in their heart if they lose a child. (Including mothers in the animal kingdom.) Why not father’s too? Mothers and fathers.

In my evening prayers I pray for angles to come to ease the pain of children and animals who suffer at the hands of others. The voiceless ones, too young or incapable of choice. Children and animals who have been abused, violated, are sick, hungry, cold, alone…this would be my wish.

I wish for wisdom and reverence in the world. That we leave aside our immature, self serving, entitlement ways, and embrace the truth that we are all one.

What would you wish for?

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