Time, rituals and stable systems

Trust, commitment, integrity, faithfulness…all of these acts require time to be known and experienced. 

When we live on the threshold of emergence in so many areas, having stabilising structures in our life is essential for our wellbeing.

To stabilise any system we need 12 elements, 6 in the positive and 6 in the negative. Or 6 yin to 6 yang. In Syntropic World this is what we call Synergistic Accounting, based on Buckminster Fuller’s 12 degrees of freedom.

Rituals are one critical element of a stable system. They anchor us in a world of flux.  Rituals themselves also need to be emergent with time.

Perhaps even to hold the space for a ritual and have the form of the ritual be in flow is how we might stabilise ourselves on a rapidly spinning planet in an accelerating world.

Deliberately designing the structure to stabilise us and our enterprises in a world of change is a critical component of a Syntropic Enterprise.

Photo taken June 2nd 2022

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