Times change 

This day in Australia is supposed to be a day to celebrate being Australian.

But the date has been chosen by a colonial history that attempted to eradicate the first peoples of the land.

So many people and organisations now refuse to recognise the day, while the government of the day, steeped in a colonial patriarchal dinosauric hubris, digs in its heels.

They only show themselves for the relics they are.

Everything changes. Finally people are awakening to the terrible history of so many colonised countries like Australia. 

As the gap between those who have and those who do not have grow, the disparity is becoming so loud it is hard to ignore. 

The selfish, self-righteous cruelty of neoliberal governments are being exposed around the world. Leaders who posture with fake smiles to seize the photo op’s are being called out. The blokes who think it is fine to tell women what to do, what to wear, when to smile, what to do with their bodies, are getting caught in a backlash that is fierce and not going away.

In the thick of the increased polarisation seeded deliberately by algorithms that thrive on fear and hate, we have a turning tide. 

There will be a fracturing. 

The question we might ask is will the change support the increased wellbeing of Earth and all her creatures, and not just the privileged?

We need to stay the course. Get into the arena. Not smile gratuitously to leaders who treat us with contempt.

Be the change. Lead the change. Build the change.

Photo taken January 25th 2022

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