To be a steward leader

As a new parent – of a child, an animal, an enterprise – we hold this most precious being/idea in our hands, and while we might have dived deep into books on ‘how to,’ the truth is we have no idea what to do next.

So we figure it out as we go. We listen to mentors who have walked the path. We make mistakes. We learn. 

We realise quickly that imposing our plans, our time frames, our agenda on this little life force is a fool’s game.

They too have their own identity, their own uniqueness. We are not them and they are not us. To even think for one moment that this thing we have been gifted to steward towards life and self-sovereignty is ours to shape in our image as we want it is the height of arrogance.

Rather, our role is to create the ecology and environment into which our child, our enterprise, flourishes to the fullest measure of its capacity.

This is to be a steward leader.

Photo taken February 17th 2022

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