To be small

Big economic nations dominate. They see the small, the islands of the Pacific, Caribbean, Indian Ocean and countries hacked out by colonialism, as externalities to their ongoing political survival and global dominance.

The small. The neglected. The discarded. “Not my problem!”

The mighty caste system, supper cool as long as you are not in the lower caste. Those small lower caste people, the proles and underclass, those of colour, a blight on the glittering image of our success. Lazy. Entitled. Expensive to maintain. 

The small part of ourselves. Playing the upper hand in our own diminishment. Dominating the part of us who has something to say and do.

I am a small person in height, just scraping past 5 feet. Small doesn’t define me. Small has motivated me to find my voice. To not be diminished, ignored, stepped over, gaslighted. Ignore me at your peril. 

What I know is that the small, those who have to find their big, their power, their strength, those who have everything to lose…everything…their homes, land, economies, dignity, respect…are where the change will come.

The glossy leaders with their safety nets and entourage of carefully constructed media producing propaganda machines could not care less about the small.

The small, the thrown-to-the-trash peoples of the world, like Mia Mottley, Prime Minister of Barbados, who gave the biggest speech possible at COP26, these are the world changers. 

Big just means your time is nearly up.

Photo taken November 3rd 2021

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