To do good might be the worst thing we could do

A smile. A kind gesture. Generosity. Small acts offering infinite syntropy.

Yet when we seek to solve some of our big problems, our haste to do good might be the worst thing we could do. 

The rush to solve humanity’s complex problems, like poverty, hunger, inequality, environmental destruction, extinction events…

Cannot be ill-considered. Our ability to understand the source of the issue, the incentives in place to keep the issues alive and flourishing, the power and money that is saturated in the maintenance of the issues and problems, the long term consequences, the exponential technology that has already been unleashed and cannot be put back…all of these elements must be considered. 

All of our business-as-usual ways of thinking and being are not the appropriate tools needed for this time. 

Working faster may reinforce the very systems we retrying to change, the crisis we seeking to evade.

We must slow down. Pause. Think long and deeply. Understand. 

And while we do this, we can still offer that smile and kind gesture. 

Perhaps one of the most pressing issues we have is how to coordinate humans to work together to consider these large problems. This is one of the critical elements we work on in Syntropic World.

Photo taken August 17th 2021

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