To know freedom

The power of self determination. Free will. 

Can another take our freedom? 

The story of Hurricane Carter, the life of Nelson Mandela and the work of Victor Frankl are powerful testaments to freedom.

Against a backdrop of incarceration, where every external choice was removed, these men found freedom.

Through the most horrendous constraints in their personal liberty, they reached a place where they knew and lived their ultimate power and sovereignty. 

The freedom to choose how to respond. (To be responsible) The freedom to be crippled by their condition, or to rise above it. To carry forward vengeance and hate, or to forgive. To find meaning where none was obvious. To know purpose in a concentration camp. To know dignity when imprisoned as an innocent for over twenty years.

Tangled in the conversation on freedom is the conversation of rights. My right to do  ‘x’ is never in isolation of another’s rights. Every act we take has a consequence. This is precession.

This is where we step into complexity. All rights are married with responsibility. Never separate. To claim my right we must know the effects, the precession, it has on others. If we do not, we are asking for liberty at the cost of another’s liberty.

We live in a world where people want rights without responsibility. Where freedom is considered something out there, bestowed upon, rather than a choice we can make in every single response.

Add to this mix the power of domination. Different to the power of knowing sovereign choice in how we respond to domination.

There is an energetic thread and source to each of these elements. Freedom, rights, responsibilities, power, domination…

Are they towards syntropy, or entropy? For the individual and the collective?

In a complex world, the deep consideration of all of these elements is rare. Be the outlier.

Photo taken December 21st 2021

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