To make a covenant

A covenant is a contract. It is not a contract made and entangled only in human legal code, but one we make to the whole, invisible and visible Universe. To make a covenant is to speak to the deepest element of our being, reflected in every dimension of our world, of which our being is a part. 

Our interbeing. 

A covenant carries more commitment than a pledge. For to make a covenant we must dig into the truth of the truth. A covenant is a sequence of vows, woven together to form a sacred contract.

To make a covenant, to take the time to deeply consider the covenant we make, is an act of change. Once made, we and the field are changed. 

To live a covenant is to live the principles, ethics and morals and all the tricky challenges that come with the covenant.

You can read the Covenant of Syntropic Enterprise creators here. The following is the closing paragraph.

We are the Map Makers and Way Finders – at the frontiers of new models of enterprise design, human co-ordination, capital, care and love for our planet and its future, all Earths creatures. 

When we commit to working synergistically our potential is exponential. Acting in this way, honouring the laws inherent in nature, and applying them to human systems, there is no problem towards a Syntropic Universe that cannot be solved.

Photo taken October 25th 2021

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