To reach escape velocity from the game that is being played now

Problems, we have many of them. Many of them so complex that they are headache inducing.

Quick simple solutions to complex problems are almost guaranteed to both fail and create more threats than they solve.

We get caught in the argument across the floor, losing sight, in the doing, of the expansiveness of the heavens.

Does attending to the climate become more important than ensuring an economy. (There is no economy on a dead planet. But many of our political leaders do not see the level of threat.) 

Jobs, or a wage rise?

Democrat or Republican? 

Tax breaks and trickle down, or health care and safety nets for all?

Enterprise that is not trapped in the legal and financial models that dictate profit as the end game, so that micro loans only exist by charging at minimum 40% interest, are almost impossible to find. 

This is the entire purpose of Syntropic Enterprise. To reach escape velocity from the game that is being played now, where the focus is limited to what is immediately in front of us, not even seeing that we are caught in a game that is well past its use-by-date.

We are not asking the right questions. We are not staying in the discomfort of the questions long enough. We are not committed to the long term 100 year plus plan. We do not invite the greatest exponential technology available, the human mind working together synergistically into the conversation.

And so we get our drama hits, our righteousness from fighting between A and B, ignoring the potentiality of real innovation…something that completely transcends A or B.

Wages rises and vibrant work for all?

Climate health and a flourishing economy for Earth and all her creatures?

Who is asking the both and questions?

Syntropic World is. Bold. Idealistic. Infused with love. Knowing there is a way. Willing to stay in the question with others working synergistically until the way is revealed.

Photo taken February 18th 2021

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