Topsy turvy

When everything is upside down, inside out, true north is missing, the ground beneath our feet doesn’t seem to be as stable..

How do we find a place to pause, take a breath, to find a thread that makes sense?

The beauty of chaos is the fractal pattern within it. That strange attractor. 

The centre of the storm. 

The quest to find this still place in the midst of chaos, confusion and breakdown is a worthy one. 

The strange attractor has its own beauty, mystery…a portal into other dimensions of knowing.

To find it doesn’t mean we leave the world of chaos, rather we have a perspective on it that enables sense-making.

With sense-making we get to breathe again.

When everything is topsy turvy, find the strange attractor, both within ourselves and in the world. 

Photo taken November 15th 2021

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