Toxic Positivity

Is it possible to be too positive? Too polite? Too nice?

To never speak up, or speak out?

We might consider the impulse behind being positive as the only response we have.

Is it because we are opposed to the violence of act and word? 

Is it because we fear conflict? We want to be liked? Or right?

Is it because going along with the crowd feels safer? We want to be part of this tribe, so we say yes to their consensus?

Great art, great ideas, beauty, nature, integrity – works with tension. The tension of challenge, of rigourous inquiry, of naming, calling out, speaking truth, inviting opposing views. 

Tensegrity is the pairing of tension and compression. Too much tension and we blow apart, too much compression and we collapse. Our beautiful home planet is held in tensegrity to its revolution around our life-giving nuclear reactor, the sun. 

In a world divided by extreme polarity fuelled with anger, conspiracy, rights taking superiority over responsibility, with the source being increasing inequity and inequality, we need to work to be positive as a defensive response. 

Yet to refuse to stand against the violations of integrity, the corruption and hypocrisy, is to be a part of the problem.

To hold the tensegrity of our own positive and negative charges is to orbit in love.

Photo taken September 28th 2021

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