I will call it. Almost all of what we call innovation is incremental. To innovate, to change something, to transform, is rare.

Nothing wrong with incrementalism, but let us not confuse it with exceptionalism.

I believe that the world needs exceptional innovation right now, rather than another new app.

The Nobel Laureate, Ilya Prigogine, noted for his work on dissipative structures, complex systems and irreversibility, pointed out that there are several requirements necessary to get transformation.

The system needs to be under pressure. As the pressure intensifies, the system begins to perturbate. (vibrate). As the pressure increases, the perturbation also increases. This generates energy. Energy in human form is emotion. High human emotional energy can be hard to manage. It is for most people extremely uncomfortable. More pressure on the system, more emotion/energy/heat.

At some point, entirely unpredictable, a threshold is crossed, and transformation occurs. This event is irreversible. You cannot go back to the old way. You cannot unknow what is known.

If you want to engage in the creation of transformative innovation then you need to be up for;

Extreme pressure.

Uncomfortable emotions/heat/intensity.

The arising of wild creativity that only comes in a field of Pressure plus Emotion plus Constraint within the system.

The uncertainty of time lines. No guarantees as to when the threshold crossing will occur.

The certain knowing that once the threshold has been crossed there is no going back.

This is the same for human neurobiological physiological transformation as we become more evolved in our world view, as it is for creating a transformative business or building community.

It is the birthing process of nature. It can occurs in days, or weeks, or decades.

The question, if transformative innovation is what you want…are you psycho-physiologically prepared for it?

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