Transforming the root cause of systemic injustice, poverty, asymmetrical power

For many years I dedicated myself to working on issues to support a better world. This is the type of work I care about. Leaving the world better. 

I realised, after many decades of diligent application, that I had been spending my time re-arranging deck chairs on an already iceberg struck Titanic. 

I had neglected to look at the very root of the issues I sort to change. 

An economic system based on scarcity, with poverty designed in as a side effect to benefit those with power. 

Legal codes that privileged those with power and resources.

Governance that incentivizes greed, accumulation, extraction to extinction, colonisation.

Technology that turns humans against each other.

Health care that was designed to profit off sickness.

All systems designed for short term consideration, winner takes all. 

Enterprise design that turns brilliance into a machine, that exploits, extracts, extinct, colonises.

Syntropic World was born after a deep realisation that if I wanted to really affect change, I needed to address the root of the root.

We must re-design all the models that underpin our every action as we convene as humans. The economic models, legal codes, accounting for value, provisioning, how we lead, how we collaborate, what we do all of this for, how we incentivise, the imperative to consider the long term future…everything..

This is what we teach in the Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass. *Register for the class commencing today here.

Photo taken September 14th 2021

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