That messy place between. Not this, not that. A jumble of doubt, confusion.

Something, a vague something, calling from the future. 

But shrouded in a mist of all that we have now, all that we need to give up, all that needs to be composted.

The next step is so fraught we fear the earth will not hold us when we take it.

But take it we must. To stop, to fall into the void of no-thing-ness is to become victim to our own fear.

No guarantees of a future we might imagine.

Yet if we are honest with ourselves, certainty exists. 

Gather what you can be certain of. For this becomes the foundation, the ground that will not move when you take the next step.

Can you be certain of your own integrity? 

Can you be certain of the love of your family and friends?

Can you be certain of the experiences and skills you have developed to get to here?

Can you be certain that the sun will rise in the morning?

Cultivate that which you know and are certain of, hold the intention for the future calling, and take the next step. 

Photo taken November 17th 2021

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