Transmuting the charge

If I am triggered it is about me. This is very hard medicine to swallow. Hard for me. 

I want the other to be the bad guy. I want to be right. I want my rage to be justified. I want to carry the burn inside, the fire, as fuel to continue my crusade for righteousness. 

I have always been comfortable with anger. I love its energy and flow. I love that it moves me to act.

But when my anger takes over me, my essential self, and rules, I am lost.

We know this place…when we are possessed by an emotion. Consumed. Entangled. Triggered to arc up.

To meet our true power, the power to be self sovereign, to not be overruled by either another or our own reptilian response, is to go to the only place we always have the ability to change. Ourselves.

As I observe my self righteous rage around the Australian political scene this week, I might restore my sovereign power by asking myself how have I contributed to this situation? Am I more invested in the argument, in righteous posturing, or in changing how I show up, and as such changing the field I occupy?

An individual underestimates their capacity to be the TrimTab. To create ripples of change that tip the energies of our world. 

We live in Universe. ‘One song.’ Our home planet. When the polarities are reaching breaking point it takes one person to tip the charge, and the field will be changed. We might not see that immediately. But we will feel it in our own inner ecology.

This is my work. I know I like the rage. The heat of being the victim of oppression seeking to point out the imbalance, as all women (and people of colour or a subdominant caste) might desire. There is a part of me that wants someone to pay. 

Yet there is a difference between the act of change, and being triggered. Being triggered is a sure sign we are not yet able to flip the charge. 

To transmute this charge will enable the greatest possibility for change. 

Nelson Mandela forgave his jailers. And then got on with changing things. 

Photo taken March 24th 2021

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