True empathy requires commitment

There is a reason we have been invited through the ages to walk in the shoes of another.

Not simply to stand and see what another sees, but to feel what another feels. To walk. To be with.

So simple is it to dismiss a worldview. And in so doing to dismiss a life of experience that has not been yours.

To not understand the path to here. To not know the pain and suffering, the field of lack – lack of access, lack of connections, lack of resources, lack of opportunity.

As millions, billions of people around the world seek the basics of life…safety, clean water, sanitation, education, nutritious food.. we can live in our bubble of pretense, close down our walls, push people metaphorically off the cliff, or we can know, from daring to look and feel, that but for my luck of birth, there go I.

In our daring to look and feel we become human.

*We have a powerful tool called a Conversation for Understanding which helps facilitate true understanding of another’s experience. 

Photo taken October 22nd 2021