Trusting intuition? Are we hearing the truth, or are we hearing our ego speaking yet again?

Intuition is available to us all day, every day. You don’t need to be an expert, enlightened, special, or ordinary. What you do need is the ability to hear and be present to your hearing. In other words, you need to listen till you no longer exist.

The Communication Formula (listen till you no longer exist+speak the truth+trusting intuition) is not a linear three step process, it is a process that requires all three parts to be in operation simultaneously for success. Without my listening I will not hear intuition, without my listening I will not distinguish truth, without trusting intuition I will not be able to speak what is true.

Trusting intuition requires the willingness to be silent, both in our spoken word, and in our inner word, long enough to create a space into which intuition will plop. And plop is exactly what it does. It is like a little bubble that pops/plops into existence, from seemingly nothing and nowhere.

Intuition comes from the space between our thoughts.

Most of us are reasonable at hearing our intuition, but we do not act upon it.

“I knew I shouldn’t have done x!”

Easy to say after the fact.

However, even if we do hear it, it usually is heard at a level that is not acknowledged. We hear it below the line of our consciousness. It is often only later we remember that it was there.

Not hearing “trusting intuition” exposes several possibilities.

*That our lives are too full, too busy, with not enough space to be present to our intuition.

*That we are doing everything we can to avoid hearing it, because we do not want to heed it. It may be saying something that we are not willing or ready to hear. Like-”my marriage is in serious trouble”, “my daughter is on drugs”, “my boss is lying to me”, “no one will notice if I do/don’t do this”, “it will be OK if I eat this extra…”

*That we have little to no respect for our intuitive process and therefore deny it any hearing. This may be due to low self esteem or the belief in an exterior higher authority such as a spouse, boss or a professional doctor, lawyer etc.

*That we are so egocentrically based that there is no other world other than the word of our own ego. Our wanting/ravenous mind has the reigns.

Our intuitive sense will be telling you what to eat, not eat, when to stop eating, when to get out of the chair and go do something, when to make a call, take time out, stop, start….

If we are interested in developing intuition, to really hear our intuitive self, why do we so often ignore it? Often is is because our ego self wants to do something else. We want to eat that extra piece of cake, watch one more show on TV, avoid making that phone call. And because the voice of the ego is loud, prone to tantrums, obstreperous, a bully, or a crybaby, the ego more often than not, wins.

The voice of intuition is calm, consistent, quiet, patient, unemotional and has no need to be right. It just is. Often times, it also makes no sense at all. Its instruction will not always fit this neat, linear, obvious next step.

Where as the voice of ego wants to rationalise everything, or analyse. It needs to know why, how, when? It also has all the justifications in the world, most of them incredibly convincing both to our interior and to our exterior world. The intuitive voice just offers guidance for the now, no story, no BUTS, no justifications.

As a dedicated long distance runner, I remember one year I was running with friends and for no apparent reason my knee gave way. I could hardly walk. I have never had knee problems, nor had I had any sign that there was a potential problem. All of my experienced running mates predicted at least a three week interval of healing with no running.

I went home, wrapped my knee in ice, sat down and had a conversation with it. You may laugh! As a physical person, I converse with my body all day long and have done for years. I trust it will tell me what it needs…more rest, more protein, not to eat x today, etc. What did my knee require of me? This may sound like an odd question, and it may well be if you think our physical form is separate from us in some way. “That body of mine there.” However, if you think of our physical form as an extension of us, as the accumulative total of our thoughts through our life, then asking an injured knee what it needs from the knee wearer is a very smart question.

My intuitive answer was that I needed to make a call to a person. I had been resisting this call for some time. The thought of making the call made me very anxious. Never-the-less, I picked up the phone and made the call. It was a good call. The issue was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

Two days later I was back running, without any further knee pain, ever, to this day. This is an example of trusting intuition.

Did the intuitive response make sense? Well, it wasn’t in the order of; apply, ice, rest, elevation. Making a phone call and healing a knee do not appear to be in the same box of sense making- for more see this article, Integral Theory, a brief overview. However, as soon as I asked the question, “What do I need to do for you, knee?” the answer to make the call was immediate, and it certainly made sense to me, because I was well aware just how much I had been resisting making this call and how important it was. I had enough self esteem to trust that this action may help. It certainly wasn’t going to do any harm to my knee!

When we are in the place of listening till I no longer exist, when we have created that space between our thoughts and stepped out of the path of ego, even for a moment, our intuitive self pops in. If we remain in an egoless state, we can speak or act on the intuition without ego, without the need to be right. The moment we are attached to our intuition being right, that is the very moment we have stepped back into the full blown ego state, no longer in service to the other, no longer in our listening beyond self.

I hear this type of intuitive ego arrogance from many people as they begin their work in developing their intuitive listening. They start to get the power of it..its truth, and then they plug the ego “righteousness” to their intuitive self and speak from that place.

Because we are living in a complex world full of many other people who are having intuitive hits, trusting intuition can only be based on trusting our intuition. To inflict it upon another is both arrogant and righteous.

For me the red flag is when I hear myself saying, ‘I know..” I have learned to change my language to…”My intuitive self tells me x….” and to surrender to this being right or wrong.

Trusting intuition as we develop, brings with it humility. (I know this well because I have been the one speaking from a place of arrogance and righteousness.)

Our intuitive self may say to us that the person we are speaking with is confused. Using the “speak the Truth” part of the formula, we might say, “I am sensing that you are confused?”

They may say yes or no to this. If they say no, often times they will counter with an alternative position.

“I am not confused, I am anxious about X.”

Our intuition was speaking to us that something was out of beat. Now we are clearer as to just what that is.

If someone says they are not what our intuitive self is telling us, it is OK to challenge that a few times.

“No, I am not confused at all.”

“Is there something going on?”

“No, no, everything is good here.”

“No little bit of doubt, anxiety, concern…nothing at all?”

“No..all good.”

At this point we need to drop it. Our intuitive self may be right, but the person we have been speaking to is saying it is not.

Is it more important to be right in this case, or to continue to be of the highest service and support to the person we are speaking to?

If we need to be right, then that is all about me. Who cares about the other person? Just as long as I get to be right. Hello ego of mine, goodbye care for the other!

Our intuitive self can get it wrong. It is not the last say on everything. This would be taking the stance of unbelievable arrogance, which is a very new age thing for people to do. Our intuition can only be informed for the most part by our levels and lines of development. A more evolved person will have the potential for a higher order of intuition. And we do have to take into account the interpretation of our intuitive self. A dream offering insights into another world will look far different to me than it would to a person from 1000 plus years ago. I may fly a plane or a rocket. They are likely to take the chariot into the heavens.

Many times I have heard people speak of trusting intuition as if it were the final word. I am sure many terrorists would stake their lives (and give their lives), because they clearly believed that God spoke to them to kill, maim, and destroy.

Bringing righteousness to our intuitive self only does one thing, and that is make us a fundamentalist, which no matter what colour your skin, what clothes you wear, beliefs you have etc, is still a fundamentalist.

Trusting intuition, especially from the place of listening till you no longer exists may be powerful…and, do be willing to be wrong. Plus be sure it is your intuition speaking, and not the voice of ego.

If you doubt what you are hearing, ask someone to coach you in distinguishing the different voices. Developing intuition is an essential part of healthy leadership development for the 21st Century.

Photo by Saffu on Unsplash

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