Truth is hard. Try Trust instead

As we mature we might recognise that there are few absolute Truths. Most truths are partial. 

Even the wildest conspiracy theory potentially carries a seed or two of truth.

To seek truth requires constant commitment. To know the truth of the many things we need to deal with every day would take all of our time and more.

We might try building trust instead.

Trust is experienced when what we say we do, with evident consistency. Trust allows me to identify lived values as someone expresses themselves through their actions in the world. 

Experiencing trust in another is a coherent, aligned experience. There is no dissonance. 

The person is the transmission of their being, with no signal interference.

To become a person to be trusted is a life work, removing all that is not us, often through the crucible of life, pain and breakdown. 

To build ecologies of trust – where both the people in the ecology and the people at effect of the ecology trust its very nature – asks us as Steward Leaders to focus on the container or structure of the ecological design itself.

Few businesses, entrepreneurs and startups take the time to do this.

Building the architecture of ecologies of Trust is time well spent.

Photo taken October 6th 2022

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