Turn the volume of your beauty up

Have you ever considered that the most profound lessons of life live in the simple every day? That we might not need to be sages or gurus, but to simply observe?

All beauty fades and dies. And then is born again.

This is the essence of creation.

As I watch a sunrise, one moment she might look drab (not photo worthy), and then suddenly she reveals her full glory. And as suddenly is gone.

Other days she builds and her performance lasts for 30 minutes, changing and peaking, each moment stunning. Until it is gone.

Our own beauty over the arc of a human life tells a similar story.

As we age, the presence of our youthful beauty fades. Yet our soul beauty is always present if we seek to turn the volume up.

When we turn the volume of our beauty up, when we smile from our being, and open our heart, our light changes all who are touched by it.

Such a simple act of generosity.

Shine light. Be beauty. Gift the world.


Photo taken April 14th 2022

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