Unity is plural

Existence requires polarity. In to the out. Up to the down. Good to the bad. 

Without polarity there is no shape. There is no-thing-ness. The singularity is non-existence.

I must be aware of otherness for existence.

Purpose is not enough. Purpose provides direction, yet absent an idea to act towards the purpose that is given equal weight, purpose is just another aspiration.

Relationship requires input and output. This is dialogue. Intimacy requires open hearted sharing as a two way flow. When one person withholds communication, feelings, experiences, the relationship will not last. It cannot. There is no reflection, no communion, no opportunity to advance the conversation and connection.

When we seek ecologies of sameness and agreement without diversity and polarity our ecology will collapse. Too nice, too agreeing, to safe is not the grounds for existence.

Life is emergence. Emergence requires polarity.

Photo taken April 13th 2022

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