🦚Unleashing Your Entrepreneurial Art: The Beauty of Being Complete💪

Picture this. (Pun intended)

An artist is working on a new piece. It begins to take shape. There is a flow state between the artist and the emergent work. Sometimes this flow state stalls and the artist needs to step away. Or look at their work upside down.

Often the artist needs to get out of their own way. Of their overthinking. Of their self-criticism. Of their desire to have their art fit in a box they had in their mind.

At some point, the artist will step back from the art and say, “It is complete!” (For some artists, there is a struggle with the sense of completion. I would call that a lack of trust in the art emerging to tell its own story.)

Now picture this.

An entrepreneur is working on a new venture. The Source Idea is alive and vital, seeking to move from ephemeral to form.

Suppose the entrepreneur is in communion with the Source Idea and its Pattern Integrity with the enterprise being born. In that case, they will honour and respect the needs of the enterprise as it emerges. There will be a flow state—a partnership. The idea is not the entrepreneur and the entrepreneur is not the idea. The entrepreneur, like the artist, stewards the idea to life.

Often the entrepreneur gets in their own way. They seek to impose timelines. They want the idea to look a certain way, even when it desires to express another way.

Eventually, the entrepreneur would be wise to step back and say, “This is complete!”

This action of knowing when something is complete is rarely practised in business. This is because we do not create businesses to become complete.

To complete and be complete is a rare skill indeed.

To be complete. Having no deficiency, wanting no part or element; perfect in kind or quality; finished, ended, concluded.

For an artist to know that an artwork is complete. Nothing needs to be added. Nothing is missing.

For an entrepreneur to know that the project or service is complete. Concluded.

In completion, lives integrity. The completed artwork or project is whole in and of itself.

Integrity means whole, one, holding its shape.

We gaze at great art, and it speaks to us of wholeness. It might evoke questions. It might tilt our axis of perception. Yet it is complete. **There is an element here of personal taste. Pick an artwork that you adore. Is it complete for you?

A great business expresses integrity and wholeness in every domain of its existence. The social media ad is complete. The landing page is complete.

Complete = integrity.

When we consider ourselves, are we complete? Or do we live in perceived or actual deficiency? Do we acknowledge our perfect imperfection? Against the backdrop of life – including financial flow and emotional support or the lack of it – do we feel whole or deficient?

Do people gaze at you and see wholeness and completion?

This does not mean we are done evolving and emerging. It means that we walk and live and act with a sense of enoughness. We feel complete.

There are times when we are clearly incomplete. What makes this so? Is it true? What is needed for completion? Am I the issue?

I love the relationship between completion and integrity. It includes alignment and coherence, even resonance. Harmony is present. There is no distortion. The note, the signal, is pure.

We, our art, our business, become a transmission with completion present.

*Syntropic World supports the integrity of completion in every element of an enterprise. Like great art, building a Syntropic Enterprise cannot be rushed or pushed. It emerges in Kairos time – when it is ready. Steward Leaders of a Syntropic Enterprise understand communion with the Source Idea, tapping into the flow state of natural design and emergence. When we do this, beauty is present. Beauty is integrity materialising. If it is not beautiful, integrity is missing.

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