What would be the most unreasonable, the boldest, the biggest path you could take in your business?

Sure, you might fail. But you might also succeed.

If you are making vanilla ice cream it simply has to be the best vanilla ice cream in the world. 100% real Tahitian vanilla. Raw cream from cows who are cared for with such love, and whose milk simply tastes better. The packaging must also be amazing. Packaging you can eat. It might even add a flavour to the vanilla. The entire supply chain is a chain of love, care, excellence. It would be impossible to not taste the difference.

Unreasonable means we are pushing every boundary possible. It means we don’t accept the status quo. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. It means no detail is too small, no aspect insignificant. No person forgotten.

Unreasonable has a higher chance of failure. Yet few remember the reasonable man, the reasonable business. The reasonable life.

To be unreasonable requires transcendence of reason. The mind is a powerful tool and an equally powerful hindrance. Evoke the alchemy of love, care, attention, commitment, passion, joy, more love, generosity, abundance.

This is the cry from the people…for unreasonable business. We want unreasonable. We want to experience love in our work, at work. We want business to take our breath away.

Be unreasonable. As a habit.

Tim Keppens via Compfight

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