Upgrade skills

The moment we refuse to stay current we become entropic. 

The problem is that our elected officials, those we have voted to make decisions about our future, have almost no capacity to make good decisions because they are blindfold in the dark about the existing and emerging technologies and their impacts.

‘The technology will save us’ mantra is in the hands of Luddites, unaware that technology is likely to end us well before it saves us.

We citizens must stay current, fluent…commit to the steep learning curve of managing new tools and technologies. Age independent.

Our education systems must enable complex thinking and problem solving – not just for the elite, but for all. 

Democracy, if we want to keep it and have it serve more people in a better way, is a daily commitment.

It only survives on equally well-educated citizenship and a functioning, held to high standards, media and the fourth estate.

Photo taken October 12th 2021

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