Useful but not commercial

Well damn! This is such an issue, is it not?

This is so useful, but we cannot build an empire from this. 

Or, we can only break even. Or, indeed, this is a cost centre.

Healthy use of AI is an example. Having AI dig through vast quantities of material that turn wrongful convictions into justice is useful. But not commercial.

Hence, we need social enterprises and Non-profits funded by governments and philanthropy.

However, there is something intrinsically sick about a society that makes raising money to fund social use projects that benefit humanity such a challenge, while the commercial projects – or commercial wanna-be projects – get money thrown at them. The higher the opportunity for profit returns the more ease of money flow.

We might say that the task then is to find the commercial expression of something useful. 

Which may be like squeezing a round peg into a square hole. 

I suggest that when we seek to commercialise social good – to have it make a profit as the primary motive, we have swallowed the very essence of a world that places more value on profit than good.

We might instead consider how to do the social good that is useful, without compromise, and have profit be the side effect. The precession. Enough to keep the system healthy, including those who toil to produce it.

And we might also consider how to change a world system that says profit is the god of all things.

This is the essence of Synergistic Accounting.

Photo Taken November 25th 2023