We all might be humbled. It is good for our soul

When we are living in times of great uncertainty, dealing with events that humanity has not encountered before, wise is it to not be too certain about how the future will unfold.

Leaders who say with certainty that this won’t happen, this will happen. we won’t do this – are playing with fire. 

How could they know? Indeed how could anyone know?

Science gets us so far. It can make predictions. But the predictions do not take into account the complexity of the system, its intricate interdependency. When we trigger one chain of events, the exponential catastrophe is unpredictable. This is chaos theory. Only when it has fully unfurled do we see the beautiful pattern. We might call it hindsight.

For most of our current and recent history, humanity has profited off the disconnection of people from nature, cycles and living systems. Taking the stand of hubris, that we are better than, have dominion over, that we can use the natural world for our own gain absent any long-term consideration, we divorced ourselves from the totality of our need to partner with all living systems.

If the current times are teaching us anything…and watching the almost universal incompetence of most of our leaders of politics and industry who are still far away from learning much at all…it is that the only way to a world with a future for earth and all her creatures is to know, act, live as nature. To recognise and honour our intrinsic essential need to partner with all living systems. To live as interbeings. Not separate. 

We all might be humbled. It is good for our soul. 

Photo taken August 7th 2021

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