We all need our integrity council

For many years I have worked with large groups of people. One of the questions I asked many times was..

“If there was a person in your life who cared so much about you and you being your best, enough to speak the hard truth to you if and when you needed to hear it, would you want that?”

In other words, would you want to hear a possible truth about your behaviour, your blind spots, the way you might show up in the world without awareness? 

The answer has been overwhelmingly yes. People want this.

The question of course is how we do this that comes from care and holds the space for reflection and consideration. 

The deliverer of the possible truth must care enough to not care how the person reacts or responds. They must not be attached to the outcome, to the choices the person makes. And they must be prepared to hold the space for a long time.

We all have our BS, our blind spots, or shadows. Life is the crucible that refines our rough edges, if we allow it.

To surround ourselves with people who insist on our being in integrity, to hold the shape and pattern of our unique and glorious intrinsic value and expression, is to say yes to the enormous possibility that is our life. 

To hear the truth can be hard. If we react or recoil, then the chances are it is truth, or at least an element of truth.

The truth will indeed set us free after it has mightily pissed us off.

On the other side the world we long for rolls in ecstasy at our feet.

For those of us who believe truth, transparency, kindness, compassion, generosity, love and all thriving is possible, who see a world without exploitation, colonisation, extraction to extinction, our own integrity council is not optional.

Photo taken October 5th 2021

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