We have created systems and structures that do not correspond to who we are

This was quoted by Syntropic Community member Daria Nashat during our first Syntropic Immersion call.

It is true.

Our systems and structures are dissonant with who we are, with our humanity, with our ability to thrive.

One of the central intentions behind all of the work at Syntropic World is to create systems and structures that are a harmonic representation of life, humanity, relationship, wellbeing. We do this by applying nature’s laws to everything we do. 

Tested over billions of years, able to handle the most complex of complex, with communication flows built in that make the best of our computing power seem archaic.

One day we might look back and wonder, aghast, how we created systems that revolved around extraction to extinction, exploitation, colonisation. Debasing life, earth, our rapacious creatures, us. 

Almost every person I know has felt the pain of exploitation in some form or other. All of us are currently being colonised by the Social Media companies.

We forget so easily the awe of being present to the birth of a child or an animal. The miracle. The marvel. 

We watch as mothers in Ukraine bury their sons. Mothers in Russia too. 

When the incentive of the system is based on extraction to extinction, exploitation and colonisation, it takes very brave people to say NO. Not me. Not us. 

Let us show another way. 

This is the work of Syntropic World.

Photo taken March 23rd 2022

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