We have our economy – the care of our home – backwards

When the worth of a dead tree is more than it is alive, then expect a world without trees.

When we incentivise people to make the algorithm ensure maximum time on site then expect the use of fear and anger to become the dominant thread. Happy people off site do not a profit make for our social platforms.

When we enable politicians to profit from politics, then expect corruption.

When we put any public money behind a veil of secrecy, expect exploitation.

We have our economy – the care of our home – backwards. We incentivise extraction to extinction, colonisation, exploitation.

If we want a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures then we must place the things that we care most about, things that a healthy home planet cannot do without…

..The well-being of nature, of all creatures, of a future for all…of care, love, dignity..

..All-in-accounting, comprehensive consideration..

…the central intention behind all we do.

In Syntropic World we call this Synergistic Accounting – considering the whole as valuable, bringing the whole, including love, onto the balance sheet of our present and future.

Photo taken October 2nd 2016

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