Big week. USA election. November 2016. Do we choose the man possessed with malignant egophrenia? Or the women crafted from decades of marination in old politics = corruption, inhuman desensitisation and slow build to integrity erosion.

We, human race, have come to this.

As an Australian, we watch the comedy of errors, the tragedy, of the US election, knowing that it is simply the made visible cancer on the skin of humanity. The issue lies beneath.

Any student of history will tell the tale of our inability to learn the lessons of history. That when we aspire to a pedestal of any nature – a righteousness – a cast system – a humanly imposed elevation of superiority over others – we have, in the end, two options, both dictated by the laws of gravity.

Either grow wings and fly?

Or fall. Badly.

We are primed for the fall. And given the depths of our depravity as evidenced by the dirth of leadership anywhere in the public political sphere, and the bloated coffers of the leaders of industry at the expense of the common people, we are to fall very badly.

Our movie myth blockbusters are all various iterations of the Dark Lord. Of Voldemort. The faceless man. As if we know the era we are in and we gather around a digital screen to watch the action going on in the real world play out in digital form. Are we searching for answers? Hoping for a hero? Preparing for the inevitable?

And curiously, the rescuer of the human race is a boy, or children, or young people, or even a combination of humans and animals. The unlikely. The innocent. Isn’t that the nature of the true hero? Humble. Not interested in pedestals or platforms of power. Not to be found in endless selfies or in how many followers have been accumulated on social media.

All around me I look at what we have become. I watch brilliance be perverted by a need for sycophancy.

I am yearning for the fall. Lets do this. Let’s get on with it. Bring on the fall.

I want the good forest fire that burns away the old…allowing new life to come through. Yep…harsh…very harsh. People will suffer.

People are already suffering.

The people who will suffer in this fall, like happens through the annuls of time when humans bring themselves to the brink, are those who have not experienced suffering for generations. Those who have elevated themselves to platforms of superiority of wealth, power, education, knowledge.

Back to our friend, gravity. Just as it does with the ageing of our bodies, gravity brings us back to earth. Always.

Now would be a good time to do some self examination. (Now would be a good time to do some self examination Christine.)

Have you put yourself on any pedestal? Have you put your family, your region, your country on a pedestal? Have you given yourself a superiority over another human or animal or earth? Have you not made it plain to those who might elevate you that you are not anything other than human?

Do you think you have the right to something? If so, what? And why? Be sure to examine this with great attention, for in the examination you may see aspects of your superior self.

Humans, we are being called back to Earth. Gravity demands we get our hands in the dirt. That we fall in love with the ground upon which we walk, not the elevated stature of our ‘position/bank account/address/knowledge/intelligence.’

Anytime anyone attempts to impose upon us their own inadequacy through placing us in a superior position on a pedestal we get back onto the ground and take off our shoes and speak to them eye to eye.

This does not mean we say no to roles that require leadership. It means we say yes to roles of leadership and we are able to do so, in bare feet. Dressed indiscriminately. Dirt under our finger nails for having done the work of cleaning and serving our fellow humans and the Earth that supports us all.

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