We are beyond the industrial era where people have an education designed to make them compliant performers. We need more creative non conformists.

We have people, classified as leaders of industry, receiving obscene salaries for making equally obscene profits for bloated companies that may or may not actually contribute any value to society. They are no longer seen as ‘somebodies’ except in their own mirror. Rather we see them as the new pimps of our generation. Selling souls. Do I give credibility to the guy who can rape and pillage to make money on money on money…is he the guy I give respect, or is it the Sugata Mitra‘s, Edward Snowdon’s and Malala Yousafzai‘s of the world who I will listen to?

We spend almost all of our time and productivity making stuff we don’t need, or supplying services to protect us from services that protect us from the follies created by our business. We are yearning for art, design, beauty…people who make things that matter, have meaning…services that take your breath away…things that nourish our every being.

We have an increasing gap between the haves and the have nots. What the ‘have’s’ have forgotten is that they depend on the ‘have not’s’ to continue their having. When the ‘have nots’ remember this, as happens at regular punctuation points in history, the dynamic shifts. It’s called revolution.

We have a massive shift in energy production. Fossil is dead…long live alive energy.

We have politicians who have no ability to speak the truth. Leaders who have made profit and power the god to be worshiped, at any price. We yearn for leaders to put aside their power mongering and to become citizens who are courageous enough to speak about what needs to be done, not dictated to by money or power.

These things are obvious.

In our hearts we yearn for work that nourishes our soul. We want to make a difference, add real value, do noble things. I have yet to meet a human who doesn’t want this at their core.

We want our work to be an expression of love. We seek beauty, wisdom, design integrity. Our childhood dreams of the hero saving the world, caring for people, creating art…designing enduring places and spaces for people to enjoy…are still alive and longing to be expressed.

We are exhausted by the striving, the success and status driven ‘go hard’ journey we were told is the keys to the kingdom. In some quiet place inside we know this is a lie.

We want to be inspired, moved, challenged. We want leaders to break the rules of the conformity police. To speak the truth. The truth we won’t even speak out loud to ourselves.

We need to speak truth aloud. We need to screw business as usual. We need our work to be our prayer. We need to love work and have work love the world.

Where to start. Right here. Right now. With you. And me. Urgently. Boldly.





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