We vote

Every day. We vote for how we nourish our bodies, feed our souls, respond to others.

We vote every time we shop. 

When we vote in a democracy our choices are often not wonderful. This in its own right a sure inductor of a system unravelling. 

The question we are always invited to ask is where we place integrity? 

Do we vote for empty promises? For leaders who focus on the short term, on giving us the momentary sweet spot at the cost of humanity’s future? For power grabs that show little interest in the collective wellbeing?

Where do we place integrity? Surely without integrity in our political leadership we have made a pact with the slow and steady disintegration into anarchy and autocracy? 

Every vote we make every day is a brick laid towards a future. 

What future are we building the foundations for?

*PS – this morning on our beach walk we were tracked by 3 dingos. You can just see them in the image above.

Photo taken May 6th 2022

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