What do we need to shift the pattern of patriarchy?

So much is stolen from us by those elected to represent us when we are not looking because we are simply struggling to stay alive.

The deep-seated scarcity-based economics, winner-takes-all, property rights, private school elitism, works for power and its maintenance.

It lives in the cultural archetype of patriarchy, still so deeply embedded in our current geopolitics that those in power are not only blind to its existence, they profit righteousness from its maintenance.

To keep the people down, barely able to make ends meet, works for power accumulation. 

Until it does not.

When we the people realise we have agency, that we have power, that one person does make a difference, that a collective is more powerful, we can bring down those who profit from our diminishment. 

Our icons of history have taught us this. Yet we forget, again and again. 

At this moment in Earth history, Mother Earth is joining the protest. She will not be silenced. As she steps out from behind the curtain to join the fray of protest, she will reduce the playing field for all. Even patriarchy will be defenceless against her.

Is this what we need to shift the pattern? 

Will we survive?

Photo taken September 17th 2021