What do you want to stand for? 

I mean stand for. No limp wrists, no half arsed measures. Stand for. Like Greta Thunberg. 

Willing to risk almost everything. To speak clear and strong. To not hide. To care-less about what others think of you, because you care more about that or those for whom or which you stand.

If you sat back down from your stand, who would miss you?

Would you be missed at all? 

If no one would miss you are you really standing for something needed and wanted? 

The world is crying out for those who stand for something, without ambiguity. Something far bigger than them. Something good, true and beautiful for a world with a future.

It can be as simple as a very old tree, or as complicated as the financial system.

Dig deep into the archives of your heartbreak. Here you might find the stand you want to make.

Photo taken February 12th 2021

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