[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”” suffix=””]An unexamined life is rather like living someone else’s life.[/inlinetweet]


[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@2_23am” suffix=””]If we believe everything we are told then we, in that action, give our power to the teller.[/inlinetweet]

My mentor, R.Buckmintser Fuller, knew this intuitively as a boy. When the teacher told him to draw a straight line, he questioned the existence of a straight line. He went on to question the mathematical principles based on the square. Square roots, buildings designed around the square or rectangle. (Squares do not hold their shape unless they are triangulated internally)

[inlinetweet prefix=”” tweeter=”@2_23am” suffix=””]To question the assumptions upon which we have based our existence is not to live in doubt, but rather to live in endless curiosity. [/inlinetweet]Curiosity implies that we hold an open stance.

Someone with an open stance can be engaged. (They can also be seduced, but that is another article) Those who are closed (fundamentalists) have no access, by choice, to other perspectives.

Truth lives in context. A straight line might exist in context, just as a stool might be solid, in context to sitting. Look at a stool under a high powered microscope and we know it is far from being solid.

Here are some ‘lies’ worthy of examining.

*Owning your own home is the best investment. (And the assumption that people who do not are lesser than in any way goes with this.) I have little interest in owning my own home. Probably the only time I would consider this is if I could pay for it outright, with zero mortgage.

*You need money to start a business. If the business is worthy of your time investment, then there are alternatives. Little to no money forces creativity and resourcefulness.

*Investments should be interest baring. Well only if you measure return in dollars. There are whole other measures of value that might mean far more than dollars.

*To start a business you need to set up a company. (Follow the herd of the last 414 years) Are there other ways? And what happens when we do set up a limited liability company? Is limiting liability the stand you want to make as a business owner? How about taking full responsibility? Imagine a world where the large corporates had to be responsible for their ‘personhood”? Or you might consider a B Corp.

*You need a huge following on social media to make sales. How about 1000 true fans?

*You have to work plus 12 hours a day for months, years…to make it.

*Getting only 4 to 5 hours a night sleep is a pre-requisite for a successful entrepreneur.

*The smart guys in banking and finance deserve their BIG salaries and bonus’s, because they generate so much money. Really? Since when did money producing money from money offer any value to the world. Try getting your $100 bill to heal you when you are sick, or try eating it when you are hungry. Good luck with that.



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