What is the effect?

Everything has an effect. Each step, each breath, each action.

The effect occurs at 90 degrees in the direction of the action taken. Drop a stone into a pond and we get ripples. 

Bucky Fuller called this precession.

Decide to focus on the short term, win the next election, get the best bottom line by squeezing out all investment in equipment, staff training and reserves, postpone the hard work of health until some other time, little lies to keep the peace, stepping over behaviour because the immediate repercussions are too hard to bear…

Every one of these choices has a precessional effect, a consequence.

Our addiction to short-term cycles, to postponing addressing the future, to squeezing every penny of profit, is reaching its due date.

Trust in public institutions and governments is almost nonexistent. Politicians are expected to lie. Our large corporates are the modern equivalent of the enslave and take factories. Spin and obfuscation business-as-usual. 

We get the behaviour we step over. Postponing the pain of dealing with the hard work of accountability, responsibility, all-in-accounting, long-term consideration, facing the tough conversations…

Has an effect.

Is it a price you are happy to pay? 

Who will be the one who has to pick up the tab?

What is the effect…tomorrow, next year…in your children’s future?

Do you care enough?

Photo taken November 19th 2018

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