What is your church equivalent?

In one of our Syntropic Community calls this week one of our beloved community said the following.

‘These meetings feel like Church to me but better. Community, learning, transformation.’

A church for me is a space or place where I commune with the sacred. The ocean is one of my favourite churches. Under the big blue sky I am humbled. With the expanse of the ocean, and the power of the waves, I am reminded of my smallness and vulnerability. When I am surrounded by dolphins and fish I am reminded that I share this space with other sentient beings.

Any space that reminds us of the sacred, of the miracle of life, our Universe, the exquisite interconnections and patterns, our being a part of the whole and not the whole, is a potential church equivalent. 

I love that the outdoors, with the heavens eternally and infinitely unfolding, continue to bring me to my knees. And in the doing strip any possibility of arrogance, superiority, dominion.

I want a church to do that. In its majesty to remind me of the brilliant, flawed me who is part of something infinitely beyond my ability to hold.

Photo taken March 20th 2021

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