What kind of thinking?

Says it is OK to profit off a vaccine that saves lives and will open the world back up? 

Says we can enclose the patent of the vaccine so that countries with lesser means cannot access?

Are we so heartless and cruel? Is this who we have become?

What kind of thinking says extreme profit is something to be revered? Or extreme, obscene private wealth?

If we understand precession, that to any action there is a reaction at 90 degrees to that action, the big pharmaceutical companies might see that their act of global generosity will have precessional effects that will increase their wealth in multiple domains, maybe not so significantly in the domain of money, but certainly in the domain of goodwill. 

Perhaps goodwill has no value to them? If so, this is a tragic episode of humanities history.

If we trace the funds that generated the vaccines we might also discover that tax payers contributed, oftentimes 100% in the research and development.

What kind of thinking says it is OK to let people in countries suffer while we wealthy smirk our way to health and open economies?

If anything, this moment in time clearly demonstrates that we are one world. What we do to others we do to ourselves. How we treat others affects us. 

Our leaders, many hell bent on building higher walls, stronger enclosures in law and borders, fail to understand whole systems and cultural autopoiesis.

Their (and our) individual cruelty and protectionism neglects to understand that we do not live in a world of nation states anymore. To shut our borders affects us all.

Until the world unites to support everyone with vaccines everyone is affected. 

The same could be said for climate, poverty, discrimination, caste..

This is the moment. We must decide if we live on one Spaceship Earth and if that Spaceship and its citizens are worth taking extreme good care of. 

Photo taken May 5th 2021

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