What to count

Do we count increased profits?

Or acts of kindness?

Do we count the number of investment properties?

Or the number of people no longer homeless?

Do we count the number of trees planted?

Or the number of acres deforested? Or both? 

Do we count acts of citizenship that increase community wellbeing?

Or years of political office and power as the badge of honour, uncoupled from true service?

Do we count degrees gained, or standards of ethics, morals, integrity?

What we count speaks to who we are as individuals, communities and citizens of our home planet.

What do you count? 

For me…my health and vitality. The precious moments I witness beauty each day. The intimate conversations I have. The people doing extraordinary things against all odds for a world with a future for Earth and all her creatures. My growing gratitude for the interconnectivity of all things. Synergistic unfolding with others. My experience of love that moves me to act.

Photo taken August 18th 2022

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