At some point the act of staying silent is no longer an option. We have to dare to speak about what has been burning within us. It becomes clear that to not speak will be a certain death, be that the death of your identity, your soul, your being, your business, your relationship.

Finding the path to give voice is not easy. At first we might find the mouse in us. The little, squeaky, timid voice. Or we might be pushed so hard that our first voice is enraged and leaves destruction in its wake. Both are better than silence. In other words, do not wait for the perfect delivery before you find your voice.

It is in our silence that we shrivel, living desiccated lives, neither fully awake, nor fully embodied.The act of speaking is itself a liberation. With our speaking, we find our courage. And with our courage our voice becomes stronger. With our strength we discover what we are made of. And we may well be tested for speaking.

If you are alive and breathing, the world needs your voice. Just as it needs the voices of Malala, Edward, Bradley, Julian…and in times past, Martin, Nelson, Mahatma…and all the millions of people who have given their lives to speak up because staying silent was no longer an option.

Where is your voice needed now?




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