When the impossible becomes possible.

All the impossible things…breaking the four-minute mile, landing and returning from the moon, obtaining the vote for women, enabling LGTB rights and marriage, bringing down the Berlin Wall…

I watch in wonder as the conversation about Universal Basic Income moves rapidly from fringe to mainstream. And I ask the question, if we humans designed a monetary and financial system that really served all of humanity and not just the privileged few, what would that design look like? I do know we are smart enough to create this. Do we have the will to persist?

Economist Kate Raworth does an excellent job of giving us an answer to this question in her book, Doughnut Economics.

Many people do things that do not serve us all because they are either unaware (the hubris that comes with privilege), do not know that there is an option, or fear losing their position through the change.

That does not mean that we stay silent, or think our words and actions do not matter. They matter more than anything.

Slowly, slowly, slowly, then quickly is how things change.

June 12th 2018


Photo Taken June 12th 2018



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