When we have an overarching reason, fear becomes secondary

This morning I had my first dose of the COVID vaccine.

To give context the last time I had a needle was an epidural when my daughter was born thirty years ago. 

I can jump out of planes, run solo out of a forest with a broken arm, Bungy jump…but needles. I am terrified. Lie down, deep breathe, sweaty palms, faint…that kind of terrified. 

While I am not an anti-vaxxer I do believe we have reached a place of over-vaccination as part of the medical profit industrial complex. All public health vaccines, where in most cases the [email protected] is funded by taxpayers, should not be able to profit from use. 

In other words, the incentives to vaccinate should be for public health alone and not so a company can make money.

An extension of this is that the COVID vaccine patents should be released freely to the world. The wealthy countries should support manufacture in the less wealthy countries. 

In this context, two weeks ago I decided to do the right thing as a citizen and book my vaccine appointment.

Terrified of the action, slightly concerned about the after effects, and realising that if we want to open the world up, stop shutdowns that affect so many people, prevent, if possible more virulent strains, then I need to step up. Step through my terror. 

I do not judge those who will not get vaccinated. It’s a personal choice and should remain so.

What helped me reframe the conversation was the recognition that just as we know we follow road rules so we do not kill others, we do not throw our rubbish onto the street, we clean up after ourselves in public, we slow down when driving through school zones…to get vaccinated is to support a world moving through a pandemic. I am lucky to live in a country when they are available. Yep. Privilege. So grateful.

Oh, and it really didn’t hurt at all. Even though I was lying down with my head under a blanket and counting one two three four repeatedly! I also had my wingman Tony holding my hand. 

Photo taken May 15th 2021

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