When wealth is our futures poverty

The dawning of our awareness is that there is no “there” we can throw our stuff away to. “There” is inhabited by others.

Just as I would not go upstream to put toxins into the water that I am drinking downstream, we as humans no longer have the luxury of designing anything that does not incorporate whole systems thinking.

Those who have profited most in our industrial revolution have done so at a cost exceeding what Earth and humans can afford. Their wealth is our futures poverty. Our soils poverty. 

Who will pay the aftertax? Unlikely those who have profited financially. Yet their grandchildren’s grandchildren will pay, probably in ways that we have not yet considered possible.

As a new age dawns, we need to consider the models that have captivated us. The true meaning of wealth, economy, value, accounting, money and our worth as humans.

This is the new dawn we are awakening to. We will be better for it.


Photo taken May 29th 2021

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