The world of business is built on intellect. Data, profit, activity, growth. It’s a think and do world.

The stereotypical male leader has been taught to navigate this world using two primary instruments. The head and the gut. The head is the rational, linear, objective, calculated tool.

The gut is the driver. The gut is bold, takes courageous action and dispenses with threats. It is also the part of our biology that is concerned with our core identity.

But where in this equation is the heart?

If we reflect on the peak moments of our lives, the heart is there. Conversations that matter, the heart is there. Events that nourish us, the heart is there. On our death bed our thoughts will linger not on how much money we made, or worlds we conquered, but on those things that engaged us in wholeheartedness.

So why have we so effectively eliminated the heart from business? Can anyone honestly say they enjoy spending the larger part of their day in heartless work,  meeting heartless goals, creating heartless products for a world that is yearning for the wholehearted?

Its not one, or the other, but all…we need integration. To bring the heart back into business, marrying it with our sharp intellect and our courageous gut. This is not only our deepest yearning, it is a prime imperative to the healthy future of humanity.

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