Whom do I serve

*Those who are invested in the action and believe that integrity is the essence of everything.

Integrity means one, wholeness, complete. To act in integrity requires a constant commitment to understand the whole. Therefore, those I serve are open of heart and mind, willing to be wrong, learn, and change their perspective. They seek to understand. A rigid, fixed position cannot maintain integrity.

*Those who take personal responsibility for their actions and existence. They know they can lead change, starting with themselves. If there is something they do not like, they take action. They are not the sideline complainers and trolls. 

*Those who want a world to work for Earth and all her creatures as the central organising principle of everything humans do in Universe. They know that our current economic, governance, political, finance and monetary systems are designed for winner-takes-all, extraction to extinction, exploitation, and colonisation.

*Those who respond with love, care, compassion, kindness, decency and dignity, transmuting hate of difference and fear of scarcity into generosity and gratitude.

*Those who hold a purpose that transcends fear, enabling courage to take consistent small or large actions.

*Those who recognise that they are stewards of their children, their ideas, their enterprises, the Earth, gardens, communities, and the places they live. They participate as active citizens in support of the wealth and health of the whole.

Whom do I serve? Anyone on the path towards these things, committed to their best selves rising as they actively create a world with a future.

Photo Taken September 5th 2023

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