Why we need an Integrity Council

We cannot see our own BS. We cannot see our shadow. Not directly.

The clues are in the things that make us angry or righteous.

We cannot see that when we reach a position of power and authority that slowly, slowly that power might become a right, until our sense of entitlement exceeds the power.

We might not see that corruption begins with that very first yes. That moment we agree to violate something within us that says this is out of integrity.

For these reasons and others, if we want to stay in integrity, if ethics, honesty, truth, decency and respect matter to us, we need our own integrity council.

We need to deliberately design our lives so that there are people who know our Pattern Integrity, our essence, and have the courage to point out when we violate our integrity, even if minor. 

Those people who if we fail to hear their words the first time, will not retreat. Not because they need to be right, but because they love us enough to not fear being ostracised by our recoil.

This is the purpose of an Integrity Council. To keep us honest, grounded, real, humble, decent. 

Photo taken April 16th 2021

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