Wild adventures and heartbreak

Bare feet, cold showers, tick bites. 

Dingo’s howling in the night. 

Snakes on the trail.

Bush toilets.

Sitting on a remote headland to find wifi reception to write this blog, the cold wind penetrating layers.

Teaching a class from the road, making do.

Getting stitches taken out from a fin chop injury in a place called Woopi. 

Eating amazing food cooked on an open fire.

Finding the best surf breaks absent anyone else.

Snorkelling surrounded by an abundance of fish.

Learning that in the Cook Islands, the fish are gone, fished out, the coral has been ravaged by crown of thorns starfish and ocean acidity and the rising sea levels are clearly evident to everyone. 

Our beautiful Mother Earth, how we treat her is a blight on us all. 

To know that my experience of this last week might not be available to my daughters daughter. 

My heart aches. 

Our human arrogance. Our care-less-ness. 

It is truly time for a Syntropic World.

Photo taken May 3rd 2021

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