Win win, win lose

We have to play the long game if we want to play win win. 

In our current world there are people who are profiting from others losing, be it a caste system, education access and privilege, wealth held in the hands of people gifted their wealth through colonisation, tax systems designed to benefit those who have access to accounting jujitsu and the use and exploitation of fossil fuels and the infrastructure investments to support their use over the last 200 years.

To create a better world, a fairer world, requires someone to lose in the short term. This is the challenge. Incumbency hates giving away the spoils of their position.

There must be a vision for a better future for everyone, for our children’s children, if we want the change we need for a world with a future. 

We must become better story tellers, better negotiators. We must speak to the possible. To paint pictures of the more beautiful world for all.

There will be losses in the short term. Name them. Do not try to sugarcoat them.

Everyone knows that anything worth doing involves doing the heavy lifting, going through the discomfort, be that building fitness, building a home, creating an enterprise. We suffer the discomfort because we want what is on the other side of the discomfort more than the short term pain.

Photo taken April 26th 2022

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