In Australia we are (finally) entering the election. And like most countries the battle is between two men. But to win doesn’t a leader make. To win at business doesn’t a leader make.

Yet we bow to this kind of authority, as if these (mostly) men are some awe inspired demi God. Because they have mastered the art of wining, selling more, gaming the system, puffing up their resume, landing the deal, selling success.

Leaders are people who inspire others to be far greater than they thought possible on their own. Leaders evoke passion, love, care, action, commitment, excellence. Enduring leaders don’t need props, seduction, ploys or any form of manipulation. Their state of being is enough.

People want to live lives that matter. And every person I have ever met, at core, wants to be loved and feel connected. Real leadership is about love. Inspired by love, fueled by love, picked up when broken by love, spoken from love.

When did you last have a conversation about love in your work place? Hmm….?


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